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LiftCapital provides lease and loan solutions for tractor, trailer, commercial and specialty vehicle requirements for small, medium and large fleet operations. We understand the time demands of Vendor sales initiatives and provide highly competitive structures and rates for qualifying customers. We provide transportation financing in every Canadian province and territory. Contact us now for a competitive quote!



LCC provides leasing solutions for capital intensive construction operations across Canada. We understand the seasonal and specialty nature of the industry and can tailor loans or leases to fluctuating receivables and contracts. Equipment requirements from $50,000 to $5,000,000 can be processed quickly and efficiently to meet delivery demands.


LiftCapital provides financing solutions for manufacturing companies that enable re-tooling, increased production, facility upgrade and overall productivity improvement. Automotive, Food services, Plastics, Machinery and Technology sectors require innovative structures and financing terms to ensure that productivity is maximized. LCC can deliver progress payments, interim financing and long term lease/loans tailored to the useful life of the equipment. Call us today for a proposal!



LiftCapital leases a wide variety of materials handling, racking, logistics and industrial equipment to support business operations that require assets to support their key business distribution demands.


Technology and Office Products

LiftCapital understands the demands that technology change imposes on office productivity. Leasing solutions for IT and office furniture allow companies to maintain state of the art technology and productive environments while expensing the cost over the useful life of the asset. Call us today for competitive lease rates and structures!


Energy Management and Condo Financing

LCC provides innovative financing solutions for a wide array of Residential Condo and Commercial building retrofits including commercial and HVAC/lighting/roof/envelope/infrastructure repair, and replacement. Long term financing solutions at competitive terms to match annual budgeted cost allocations and savings are part of the LCC package. Contact LCC today to review your project requirements.



Contact us now for more information on Commercial & Equipment Finance and to review your project requirements.

LiftCapital is a subsidiary of Liftow Limited, Canada’s largest Toyota Dealer and an affiliate of Toyota Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of lift trucks and related products.


Our head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. In addition to leasing Toyota lift trucks, LiftCapital provides a wide range of commercial leasing and financing products including transportation, construction, material handling and production equipment. We also finance specialized niche products including commercial and condominium building retrofits, franchise and aircraft.


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